If you did not hear President’s speech on Thursday evening I would highly recommend you watch it online. You should listen to Trump’s speech when he accepted the nomination for president for another four years.

He was on the top of his game and made us all proud. He buried the Democrats tonight. If you get a chance, you should watch it with the family! Let me predict like I did four years ago—Trump will win HUGE! God bless America!

When has anyone ever heard a president speak about human life like this president. And his record proves he means what he says! If our country gets the Life issue wrong we’ve got everything else wrong. Never has a president spoken about Life as President Trump did tonight.

There has never been an election more important than this one on November 3. Make sure you are registered and you go out and vote. Make sure you get all your family and friends to vote along with you.


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  1. David Weymouth

    …and if President Trump’s speech didn’t foretell a victory in November, the speeches by Alice Johnson and Ann Dorn (as well as all the other “regular, non-political” folks) sure did. I’m proud to cast my vote for Mr. Trump. I hope a lot of people learned of all the kept hidden accomplishments he’s done for others that are never aired by the msm. I know I did! Amazing how Our Lord works…putting an admittingly imperfect man (just like me! ) in the perfect position at the perfect time. I pray God truly Blesses America, and President Trump continues to fight for the most vulnerable.

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