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What can I say about this guy? He met up with Janet and I as we traveled throughout islands of the Philippines.

I first met Tim several years ago at a conference, I think in Wichita. We shared the podium before later sitting next to each other as we fielded questions on the panel. I was impressed with him then, but even moreso now. He recently began working full time as an apologist for Catholic Answers and I am very happy for them both. He is good for them and they are good for him.

He is a big former US Marine—over 6 feet tall with a chest and arms like a bear and an appetite like one too. I watched in amazement as he eat five fried eggs for breakfast with toast, bacon, mangos, sausage and a bunch of other good stuff (our very gracious host Melanie Chan is an excellent cook!) But Tim’s boundless energy burns off the calories.

Tim Staples has the curiosity of a child with the courage and knowledge of an apostle. It has been fun for us to watch him teaching—or I should say “preaching”—because he gets so excited he prances around waving his arms and losing all track of time. His Pentecostal background comes alive as he yells out “Amen?” with everyone responding, “Amen!” People laugh and clap for his enthusiasm, his knowledge of Scripture, and his stories.

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Speaking of his scriptural knowledge, he is quite remarkable. He can sling verses around with amazing speed, weaving them together in convincing arguments that leave Protestants dizzy and stunned, leaving Catholics proud and excited. He is never unkind or uncharitable, but his arguments are cogent and no one dares to debate him.

We still have a few days of working together before we leave Boracay and head back to Manila for two full days of talks and then to Davao for two more full day of talks. I think we have forged a long-lasting friendship for which I am grateful. He has impressed Janet and I and we’re glad he is a friend and on our side. Keep up the good work buddy, you are a real gift to the Church!