Janet and I homeschooled our kids through high school. It was the best thing we ever did for our kids and the fruits continue to ripen.

Now our grandkids are homeschooled and the rich fruit continues.

With all the chaos in our country today, the cancel society, closed schools, unnecessary masks and restrictions, crazy LGBT and environmentalist Liberals running the schools — and private schools so expensive …

… why not give homeschooling a chance. Here is from a friend of mine who provides support, encouragement, networking, supplies and more. I have spoken at her virtual conferences and support her efforts — and yours!!

Also, here are list of helpful links that I added to my website some time ago. God bless you all whether you do or don’t or whether you can homeschool or you can’t.


Is this your very first year of homeschooling? Or perhaps you have some experience BUT you want more help and support??

You are not alone, and welcome to an ever-growing club! I have put together a super easy HOW TO blog post this week.

Yes, after 25+ years, I graduated my seventh child from my very own and very real homeschool three years ago. Woo-hoo! It certainly is a real sense of joy and accomplishment. And get this: I did not ruin them and they are actually contributing to society!

As the school year is just beginning, we are seeing ourselves, our family, our friends, and our neighbors explore homeschooling!

It’s crazy busy! Right?  Here is help…

I pulled together my tried and true, step-by-step recommendations, free downloads, and encouragement that I have shared with hundreds of families!

How to Homeschool, beginners and Beyond

Paola Ciskanik
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