Readers have been asking for a few months if I knew of any developments in the strange case of Fr. John Corapi, and the truth is, I’m as clueless as they are. After an initial flurry of activity, updates to Father Corapi’s new website,, became few and far between, and sometime around the first of the year (as Patrick Madrid, I believe, was the first to notice) all of the content was removed from the site. In its place, a single white page remains, with just three lines of text:
Inquiries regarding TheBlackSheepDog.US can be made to:
450 Corporate Dr. Suite 107
Kalispell, MT 59901
Father Corapi’s/The Black Sheep Dog’s official accounts on Twitter and on Facebook have disappeared as well. And here we are, over three weeks after Patrick noted that Father Corapi had “vanishe[d] off the radar screen,” and there’s still no word to be found anywhere about what has happened.
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  1. Deborah Rawlings

    Let us pray that Fr. John Corapi is deeply discerning his life and call to continue as “a Priest for ever in the line of Melchisedek.” Perhaps this disappearance is a good thing – pray God that it be so. His message was always like balm to an aching heart – prophetic and correcting. May the Holy Spirit enter his heart and once again fill him with holy zeal to be obedient to God’s call.

  2. MarkC

    I think it is reasonable to think he has reconciled with his superiors and they have asked him to discontinue the blacksheepdog schtick ..

  3. Ben

    Big Personality, High Charisma, High Degree of Narcissism…you have to be willing to deal with both edges of THAT sword. Compare Corapi to the not so over the top and more stable Fr. Robert Barron and see how very different they are from each other. What Corapi’s success points out is how starved we are for strong leadership.

  4. Leonard

    Wow! I was just chatting with my buddy around a week or two ago and the topic of Fr. Corapi came up. I told him that I hoped Fr. John would disappear. I hoped that he’d come back to fulfill his vocation and seek amends with SOLT and I would think that he’d be requested to engage in a more monastic life of prayer which would explain his ‘disappearance’. I pray that is the case.

  5. Rev. Fr. Vladimir Chominski

    What has transpired?

  6. Palma saldana

    I can only hope that he begin his walk like Joan of Arc. God takes care of his children. He may loose his life but not eternally. Whether guilt or not may he choose to begin to walk back with God. May his memories arise from where he use to be before discovering the gifts of the Lord and may he reconnect with that and return to service.

  7. Mike

    I am going out on a limb and say his disappearance is good news, or at least the start of good news. Not that I am an optimist but I do know the power of God and I think he did fall into sin (obviously) but through peoples prayers and the Holy Spirit you will be seeing some kind of Mea Culpa from him in the near future. It was probably a number of factors but when his saw his beloved Church being attacked by the Federal Government et al, he probably felt the hypocrite/coward and wanted to come back and fight the good fight.

  8. Skylar

    I am not Catholic, but I love the Catholic Church.
    I ask each of you to withhold your comments as to Fr. Corapi and ask yourselves how many persons have you each individually led to the Lord with the aid of the Holy Spirit?
    In 2002 (6 years before Obama was elected), while in prayer, God showed me Obama’s face and showed me certain things he would do and he is doing them. God called him a deceiver. This is serious.
    I ask that each of you turn your attention to what Obama is doing and ask your ownselves how it came to be that so many Catholics were so easily fooled and voted for his election.
    Fr. Corapi will be fine. I am not so sure about America.

  9. AG

    None of us are exempt from falling. The enemy has decieved the very elect the bible tells
    us. Gods forgivness and death came as the price for our sins. It takes a repenting heart
    to be truly forgiven. Father Carapi is not The Black Sheep, he has been treated as one,
    but in reality he knows and speaks the truth that sets us free, which is Gods word.
    God has other arrangements for his priest. Continue to pray for God’ personal will
    for father Carapi. I am sure he will remain a powerful tool for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

  10. PapaDutch

    I got more out of Fr. Corapi compared to years in Catholic School. He really got me appreciate the catholic faith. I even learned my Catechism through his show on EWTN Sundays. I really hope and pray for his return to the priesthood. We need people like Fr. Coarapi to relate to, especially if you came from a rebellious lifestyle.

  11. Angela Sullivan

    I truly believe that Father Corapi is trying to do what is right, I learned much about my Faith from him and I am very grateful that I had the privilege of hearing Father speak, Father Corapi brought many to the faith as well as renewing The Catholic Faith in many fallen away catholics. I know he worked very very hard preaching the Gospel he traveled over 2 million miles, May God Protect Father in this most difficult period of his life, I will continue to pray for him and advise others to do the same. God Bless You Father Corapi and Thank you.

  12. tony

    Please pray for all Priests and especially father Corapi, If the devil tried to temp Jesus, Then who do we think we are? Why do we believe we are not also on his radar? Even more so father Corapi, a true soldier in the fight for Souls.
    After all Jesus desired that not one soul be lost to the Devil.
    Father Corapi has saved so many souls for heaven.
    Father Corapi has made clear the faith for many. Father corapi has never preached falsehood.
    So if you believe he is innocent or guilty should be irrelevant to the fact that he has definitely saved souls for heaven. Maybe even your soul if you care to admit it. That requires thanks.
    He has always been clear on loving Jesus, Mother Mary and the Church.
    I once read somewhere do as i say but not as i do. well i don’t know if that is a needed thought here. However the only thing i am focused on in regard to father Corapi is that in my life he made the faith a lot clearer for me, helped me fall deeper in Love with the church through his commitment to helping me understand it and has sweated to save my soul. All this and I’ve never met the man,
    So to anyone passing Judgment i ask, how many souls have you saved for heaven. I guarantee that when you reach the gate the lord will ask you the same question. Judge that.

  13. Kerrin

    Dear Tony, Amen.

  14. Marcia

    I just returned to the Catholic Church after leaving it for over one year looking into other Christian Denominations. I was a die hard listener of Father Corapi and have a huge library of his videos and DVDs. I needed his stern way of preaching God’s word and saturated myself by listening daily and even signed up to his Bible study. I would never think that I would have left the Catholic Curch but the Enemy can and will try to stumble you with any means he can. It happened to me but through my Mother’s dedicated daily meditation of the Rosary I am back and just today found out about this incident with Father Corapi and feel so sad that the Enemy is now attacking him. I’m not surprised and feel so sad that I stopped praying for him and his ministry. I love him and miss him with all my heart. I will be praying very hard for him and his reconciliation to the church. In fact I will start praying the Rosary again for his return back home to the Catholic Church.

  15. sid

    Lord Help us. And thank you for our Priests.

  16. martin

    nobody is perfect. i hope he will forgive himself if he is hurting, i hope he will make reparation if he has done wrong to people and i hope people will leave him in peace

  17. martin

    well said tony, we are all in need of forgiveness and healing

  18. julia

    can’t remember who said it but – every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. holy mary, mother of God please pray for father corapi now and at the hour of his death. amen

  19. Susanne

    On this Easter Sunday I know the Risen Lord has redeemed all of us!!!!!! Fr Corapi knows the heart of Jesus and will be returned to the Lord’s work in due time. I continue to pray for his health and well-being. I thank the Risen Lord for sacrificing His Life for each and everyone of us.

  20. Teresa

    I know that Fr. Corapi has probably strayed as each of us do in some way. I just can not forget all his teachings and dismiss him as a heretic. I love Fr. Corapi and I hope he is well and I hope he comes to find peace. I don’t know what this crazy Black Sheepdog thing was but I am glad that insanity is gone.

  21. Patty

    Fr. Corapi can find forgiveness and renewal if he listens to one of his own sermons. He was very good when he followed Christ. When you start following the money, thats were the problems start. But he will find forgiveness in Jesus who wants salvation for all His children. I believe we will see the Second Coming of Jesus – read His messages of preparations on and click on the link About Us and it will explain who they are and how this site came to be. I have read the messages and find nothing that goes against the teaching of the Catholic Church. The prime message is to prepare for His second Coming which is what we pray for every Mass. Ask yourself what you think of the state of the world today and would God prepare His people on earth to receive Him. It makes sense to me. Pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy and go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Pray for all the people of the world, it is what the Triune God wants, to save all His children. God bless.

  22. Jemma Bouvier

    As we all know, ” The Lord works in Mysterious ways.”. I believe Father Corapi will return to the Catholic Church with a strengh and wisdom that will inspire us all. Snared by the devil saved by the Lord again.

  23. Antonio Cox

    You guys, wake up and smell the coffee. C’ mon! He did do those things- he is another evangelical phony and now he is trying to make more money from the Sheepdog’s autobiography and radio broadcasts. His statements are inconsistent. The church banned him! who are you going to believe… the Holy Catholic Church or a man with a drug history who’s done every bad thing under the sun- then went into the priesthood and made a lot of money from it… then got banned by the Catholic Church! No!! Protect yourselves and believe the church!! I can’t believe how gullible some of you are!!

  24. Lareal O'loughlin

    I pray, God your will be done.

  25. Lynlee Dean

    Father Corapi impacted my life! He helped me to understand my Catholic Faith. I had been an Evangelical Christian almost my whole life (I’m 69 yrs. old.) Through them I learned God’s plan of salvation, became a Bible student (to a greater extent than anyone I knew), but I had many questions that no pastor could answer to my satisfaction! One day in the mid ninties I called the corner Catholic Church, (the “idol worshippers”) to ask questions. There I found the answers! I joined the Church and now it seems I’m a defender of the “faith!” My oldest daughter (52 yrs old) is very close to joining. My youngest daughter, an emergency medicine physician who has seven children under the age of nine, joined the Catholic Church after # four child, (she married a Catholic in the Church), and home schools in the Catholic tradition. My sister, husband, and her daughter, have joined the Catholic Church! My mother had a death-bed conversion and a Catholic funeral! I do not proselytize unless asked why I became a Catholic.
    I more fully understand the faith due to the teaching of Father Corapi.! (I ignored his “self aggrandizement,” e.g., educational accomplishments,) and gleaned the teachings of the Church, e.g., Blessed Mother’s importance today! And because of his instructions in faith, I was able to explain to my children the differences of what I believed to be sound teaching, to the true teaching of the Church! They made their own choices then!
    We must pray for one another and pray we are not deceived by the enemy of our souls. If we stray away, the enemy can gain a foot-hold!

  26. Lynlee Dean

    I have attempted to do what you request to now avail! I believe I’m doing it correctly, as I see them! Please Help!! I’ve NEVER had this much trouble before!!

  27. Lynlee Dean

    I’m aftaid I do not have any more time to do this, I try to type in the “CAPTIC” but perhaps I just don’t quite understand what you want me to do as I keep getting an “error” or incorrect message. If anyone sees this entry, please contact my email and tell me how to do it right. Thank you and God bless, mld

  28. letizia

    in this instance, perhaps silence is golden…i have been praying for fr corapi since the beginning of this situation, now i pray that he stays in the priesthood and wait for guidance from the Holy Spirit== there may still be work for him to do even in obsurity….after all, his messages in the past are stillvalid and perhaps working in lives we know not…he gave the messaages and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit….

  29. letizia

    what do you mean by moderation….i notice i spelled obscurity wrong…..also what is the significanace of the word unbelievable…

  30. Rosie

    I think obedience is one of the hardest parts of being a good Catholic. We always find a reason to talk ourselves out of total obedience and makes excuses for not submitting ourselves to total acceptance of church laws. A perfect example of this is birth control. Unfortunately, so many of us nowadays are cafeteria Catholics; picking what we want and passing over the things that are uncomfortable for us to deal with. I loved listening to Fr Corapi on EWTN. I thought he was one of the most gifted speakers I ever heard. But as a priest, I think he has a duty to be a good example to us. He should really practices what he preaches, and he could still be a valuable source of inspiration to those of us who struggle daily with obedience. I pray for him and I hope he conquers his personal demons.

  31. Stephen - South Africa

    I pray that Our Holy Mother Mary and Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, will possibly bring Fr. John Corapi back into our broken world – if it is God’s Will. Let us pray for Fr. Corapi and never forget: “All Things Are Possible With God” (Matt 19:26)

  32. Redman

    Thanks to Father John Corapi for giving us the true teachings of Holy Mother Church! There are so many ravenous wolves out there and you can be certain they were always trying to find a way to attack the man who told the truth. They still seem to be afraid of the day he may show up in public again! God bless Father John Corapi. He’s suffered plenty for Jesus and Mary.
    I really loved to hear him talk and like so many others, learned the joy and strength of the One True Faith from Father John. I thought all of the knowledge and grace God gave to him through Our Lady was a wonderful thing, after saving his soul from the pit! It gave my heart a profound joy to hear him speak of all that God had done for him, because we all knew it was a complete act of grace, and Fr. John never hid that fact or tried to claim the glory for himself. All of that must have really ticked the wolves and their pals — Satan and all the other evil spirits. After all, they thought they had him down and out decades ago, and here comes Jesus and Mary and they pull that homeless broken man out of that stinking death pit and give him great gifts and new life and well, wow! So I’m not surprised that Satan has been taking another run at Father John and yes, let’s all pray and thank God for him. Only God knows in what way He will best use Father John now. There is so much corruption and are so many wolves gathering these days around and inside the Church. But the prayers and sacrifices of the Church Militant, the true disciples of Christ, are surely very powerful. So the battle against the spirits of darkness continues.
    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in this battle.

  33. mariaelena

    i beleive father corpri was annointed to preach the lords word. when i listen to his cd from i believe this was a gentleman that was set up so that he would be brought down from his faith. i pray his site being gone is a good thing and we will see him preaching again on ewtn soon. such a shame that people are out to get good people that truly make a difference in this world.

  34. mary

    I have really been thinking about what happened to Father Corapi and this is just the frosting on the cake for me regarding the Catholic Church. I am leaving the church. Too much corruption and unfairness and I believe it is not the Church of God anymore.

  35. Kathy

    I was looking for some of Father Corapi’s DVD’s and found this. It makes me wonder is the Devil trying to keep Father quite because he spoke the truth. We need that so badly now. Amazon listed most of his stuff as not available. I could kick myself for not purchasing more items when he came to speak in St. Louis a couple of years ago. I pray for his safety and return I miss him and his guidance. And Mary don’t leave the church because of sinful people it is still the Church of God the Devil is just working very hard to knock it down and pull us away from her.

  36. Roger Jones

    I always enjoyed listening and watching fr Corapi’s programmes. His teachings were spiritually uplifting and informative, however I always thought he was full of self praise as well. I later came across a photograph of him displaying a beautiful bear which he had shot dead, that’s when the doubts about him became stronger(how could he just shoot one of Gods creatures?). The next time I see him he has dyed his beard black and then becomes the “black sheepdog”! Father Corapi if you happen to read this message , please get back to what God called you to do . We want you back , but without the black beard, without the senseless killing of animals!. Come back home.

  37. Pat

    Any updates?
    I disagree with you a little Steve. I believe we should pray for such a gifted speaker and priest. While he did make poor choices and do it to himself, we shouldn’t give up on him as his soul in in terrible peril.

  38. Kelly

    We should all be praying for Father Corapi…….”let he who is without sin cast the first stone”….

  39. Kelly

    In God We Trust

  40. Jennie

    I think he did preach the truth. He made my faith alive again also. I think he also knew that people in the hierarchy were going to dislike his truth and conviction and it seemed to me he sometimes alluded to it. Who knows “what happened” to him, but, I agree. Praying for his spiritual/physical well-being is always the right and charitable thing to do. He started looking a bit like Anton LeVay or something kind of dark and sinister in his visage though..He was like dying his beard, etc. It was kind of creepy to me. He looked different than when he was naturally graying. I don’t know, just an observation.

  41. susan thurman

    He, Mother Angelica and Padre Pio were the people that I credit my conversion to the Catholic Church. I was Episcopalian, so quite familiar with the rituals, etc. But they gave me the extra faith and so many answers to my questions. I really miss him and hope he will return. It disgust me that the Catholic Church let the pedophiles be ignored but whatever he did, if true, be so condemned.

  42. Kathryn Micheli

    Am I the only person who didn’t like his talks, etc? I always thought him pompous, a narcissist and “on” when he talked…like an actor looking for adulation. Years before the scandal I just could not believe he was sincere. I do pray that if he was unjustly accused he can be vindicated though. As a Catholic who loves Jesus Christ I pray for him, as we are ALL sinners. I just couldn’t shake what I saw and heard, insincerity. He was blessed with a great deep voice, which seems to make people think a person is better than they actually are. Don’t hate me supporters, just never could listen to him without a strong visceral reaction..kind of the way Joyce Myers puts me off.

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