Support an Archbishop Attacked by Half Naked Lesbians Mocking the Blessed Virgin – and they say we are not tolerant!

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Humble Archbishop prays as Lesbians strip and douse him with water

Dear Friend (From 

Over 17,000 people have signed our Open Letter to Archbishop Leonard thanking him for his humility and grace when half-naked feminists shouted obscenities and doused him with water while mocking the Blessed Mother.

Can we include your name in support of Archbishop Leonard?

We have received word that the Archbishop of Brussels is aware of our effort and is grateful. Equally important, other bishops and priests are watching to see how the laity respond to these attempts to silence our clergy.

We plan to deliver our Open Letter to Archbishop Leonard later this week. We want to overwhelm him with prayers and support. That’s why we would like to include your name, too.

Sign our Open Letter of Support for Archbishop Leonard!