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Today I took off in 90+ temperatures to get some exercise and to share the Old City of Jerusalem with all of you. I took a little different course than usual to provide new pictures and videos. 

I also tried to capture pictures of interesting people. I don’t walk up and click my iPhone in their face or ask permission to take a picture because most would say NO. So I clandestinely take pictures as I go along.

I also try to point out the holy sites from both Old and New Testaments. Many people will never be able to visit the Holy Land so I try to bring it to you in as many ways as I can. I want Catholic to know it is TRUE enough to live for it, and even to die for it.

My whole body wants to take off running like in the past but my knees just won’t do it any more and two knee specialists have now told me I have to walk, bike and use other means of exercise and discovery other than running. I plan to buy a mountain bike here in Israel to use when I am here.

Anyway, enjoy pictures, commentary, videos and interactive map. Click on the image to join the learning adventure!