Bible Verses Missed by Some Protestants

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You can now listen on-line to my last Catholic Answers Live show here. For other listening options, click here. We will do another show like this with Teresa Tomeo on Ave Maria Radio, Sirius Satellite and EWTN Radio on Friday, May 9, at 9:30 AM.

We discussed verses that Protestants often don't see in the Bible. This time we emphasized verses related to Baptism. We will be doing other follow up shows with other verses.

Obviously these verses are in the Bible and read by Protestants, but it is easy to miss some of these verses that don't quite fit Evangelical traditions. This show begins a mini-series as we consider some of these verses that really stand out.

What started the conversation were comments like the one below sent to me by Apologist John Martignoni.

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"I'll never forget the time I showed a co-worker (PCA) the verse from John 20 about Jesus giving the disciples the authority to forgive or retain sins.  Her jaw dropped open.  She said, "I've read John 20 times and I've never seen that verse."  
          Then she noticed that I had a "Catholic Study Bible," and she got this big smile on her face and said, "Oh…wait a minute…this is a Catholic Bible.  Let me go get my King James."  A minute later she walked back into my office as she was flipping through her KJV and when she came to John 20, she froze and literally could not speak for several seconds…she just stared at me.  At which point I took her on a Catholic tour of the Bible for the next couple of hours.  
              She never came into my office and told me where the Catholic Church had "gotten it wrong" again…which she had done several times previous to that encounter."