Today we will discuss the question I get most often: What should I do about my family and friends who have left the Church?

What about a husband or wife discovering the Truth of the Catholic Church and the spouse is opposing them?

There are so many questions in this area that rip families apart and build barriers. What can we do? Is there a silver bullet argument we can give? 

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Patrick Coffin special host for this pilgrimage. Join us for his Magic Shows in Jerusalem!

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Patrick is an accomplished magician and will be performing his specially prepared magic show in Jerusalem. Don’t miss this trip!! He will also give daily reflections along the way.

Steve Ray’s Six Rules:

1) Don’t argue; it will only push them further away

2) Love them more than ever, especially one spouse to another (love is the one argument they can’t resist)

3) Pray daily, persistently and make sacrifices

4) Show the joy of the Lord in your life; make them want what you have

5) Study apologetics and learn the Bible to prepare for answers when they eventually have questions

6) Ask God to bring someone else into their life to influence them since they won’t listen to you (though you often think you are the only ones God can use)