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1) What is the best way to explain to my non-Catholic wife about the intercession of saints? She says we are praying to dead people.

2) Two of my three siblings are atheists — how do I gently ease them back into the Catholic Faith? Their children are asking them how to pray like I do.

3) My sister got married in the Jewish faith and has been attacking me for my Catholic beliefs. How do I handle trying to pray for her adn help her see the truth of Catholicism if she is attacking me?

4) When talking to my family members, how can I deal with their resistance and frustration — and my frustration?

5) My daughter and her friend moved in with me because she lost her job. She is into atheism and disrespectful towards me. I’m ready to kick her out of my house but don’t want to push her further from the faith. What is the Christian way to handle this?

6) An Atheist called in and said, “In response to what Steve said about Atheists being unhappy — I am an Atheist and I am happy and not angry … how does he answer that?

7) A relative tells me he wants to be the other sex and call him by a girl’s name; what should I do?