Some say the Pope is old fashioned, backwards, or not keeping up with the modern world. And hurray for him! JPII and Benedicts XVI are not backwards or behind the times — no, they are way out in front. They are defending the human person and the God who created Man in His image.

The real backwards, old-fashioned (in the worst sense of the word) are those people who claim to be progressive but are really sliding backwards – backwards into paganism where human life is cheap and gods are made in the image of men.

Take for example this news item out of Holland the new frontier of paganism:

Dutch doctor admits to lethally injecting 4 newborns

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“Groningen, Netherlands, Apr. 29 ( – The UK news magazine The Evening Standard reported on Thursday that a Dutch doctor admitted to having euthanized disabled newborns. Dutch pediatrician Eduard Verhagen is in the forefront of a push to have the euthanasia of infants made legal in order to protect doctors who are already doing it. He admitted that he had given lethal injections to four babies born with spina bifida, a condition that is sometimes correctable by pre-natal surgery. . . .

“Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton University in New Jersey, was a pioneer in the advocacy for infanticide. Singer’s seminal book, “Practical Ethics,” laid out a scheme where human beings must earn their “personhood” and can lose it if they are disabled, elderly or otherwise “useless” or incapacitated. In traditional ethics, a “person” is a living human being. But the new bioethics is opening the medical establishment to the idea, based on the philosophical model of utilitarianism, that human beings are merely disposable biological machines.

“The utilitarian principle is being fully realized in Holland where legalized euthanasia has left many people afraid to go to hospitals. Rumors and more reliable firsthand reports have been common for years of Dutch people carrying cards that ask hospital staff not to kill them. Some report that they prefer to go to Germany or Belgium for medical treatment. . . . “ 

If the West continues to follow the lead of these so-called progressives and “intellectuals” our kids will have hell to pay in the next generation when a new kind of swastika will rule the land and deadly injections will be the reward of those deemed less than perfect — nonproductive members of society.

The Pope is actually way out in front, the most progressive and intellectual — on the cutting  edge of society and culture. Long live the Pope!


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