Setting aside politics for a time to finish the editing of my commentary on Genesis

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Ignatius Press sent back my manuscript on Genesis for editing. It is too long so I have to cut over 100 pages from the text. It will painful, but a good exercise, and hopefully make it much tighter, easier to read, and rich with content.

So, pray for me as I “bury myself” in this project for a while.

I will continue to post blogs and share things helpful, good, fun, challenging, noble, biblical, and Catholic, but I have to step aside from the intensity of this election cycle if I am to get this book out. Thanks!


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  1. Vincenzo

    G’ Day Steve
    I will always be grateful for all your ongoing work.
    God bless.
    Yes I will pray for you.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks so much my friend.

  2. Ryan

    Post the cuts here 🙂

  3. Thomas M Govern

    Push back Steve! This is your strong point and it needs to be let lose! If I can help, let me know. Sometimes a telephone call works.

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