Bravo Father Euteneuer!

Shame on you Hannity!

Watch the interview here.  Write to Hannity here and Fr. Euteneuer here.  For more info, visit the Human Life International website.


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  1. Nina

    I saw the interview and could only think that Sean has a small issue with pride, like so many of us. Father is simply doing his job and doing it well!

  2. Diane

    Shame on Sean Hannity for disrespecting a Priest. Father’s job is to bring us the Eucharist and he should not be spoken to in such an abusive manner. Sean owe’s him an appology. Also Sean should look more into his Catechism and what the teachings are first before he continues to speak because he is only spouting out his own personal feelings. He also keeps saying that Birth Control is better than abortion. The fact is that the pill is an abortificiant and prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. This too could have been a life. An evil is never supposed to be used even if the outcome might be good. It is the same principle as embrionic stem cell research. Don’t choose the evil just because good might come from it. I certainly would not watch Sean Hannity again.

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