UPDATE 07/23/17:

As stated last week I confirm that none of the localized problems in Jerusalem have anything to do with our pilgrimages or itinerary.

Just like gang fighting in localized areas of Chicago or New York have no effect on tourists and businesses in normal areas. Have no fear. If questions, email me at sray@me.com.


A few days ago two Israeli police officers were killed in Jerusalem. This was a targeted assassination of police and has nothing to do with tourists or pilgrims. The subsequent closure of Temple Mount and subsequent killing of the attackers took place on Temple Mount an area which we don’t even visit during our regular tours.

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Our recent group in Jerusalem at Notre Dame

Bottom line: this has nothing to do with our pilgrimages and should not cause any concern for our trips. These kind of things happen in a very confined area – an area that does not relate to our pilgrimages.

Considering there are more murders and victims of crime in single major cities per year than Israel, one could make the argument it is more dangerous here or in Europe than in Israel. Chicago has more shootings in a month than Israel does in years.

I will repeat what I said so often, I have taken thousands of people to the Holy Land and we have never had a problem and no one has ever felt in danger. Nothing has changed. Same old, same old. I have been to Jerusalem and all over Israel more than 150 times and I can confirm that it is far safer in Israel than in most cities in America.

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Last week in the Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem

Don’t believe me? Ask any of our thousands of pilgrims. If you need to contact me about his, or have a phone call, contact me at sray@me.com. Just returned home from Jerusalem!

As of Sunday morning, Temple Mount has been reopened for Muslims to go pray at their mosque. Israel has an unprecedented number of visitors this year and buses are everywhere. Over 3 million pilgrims and tourists will fill the country.

Our next four pilgrimages this year to the Holy Land are already full with a waiting list. Our trips for next year are already filling fast.

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  1. Chuck V.

    As two of the thousands of people that Steve and Janet have taken to the Holy Land and also for us, the Foot Prints of St. Paul Cruise, my wife and I can attest to the safety and security that exists on a Foot Prints of God Pilgrimage. These pilgrimages are the best.

  2. Tom Govern

    I too have no fears with Steve and Janet Holy land trips and the state of Israel. I have taken seven pilgrimages and have no problem with seven more, God giving me the time.

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