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Since we will soon be again at the very place where Jesus rose again from the dead, there is an interesting question that is often asked. It’s a fair question — one I’ve been asked numerous times. “If Jesus rose AGAIN, when did he rise the first time? He did not die and rise prior to his death and resurrection, did he?”

No, it is simply a curious phraseology in English. It means he returned to the posture he was in prior to being buried. It would be like you saying, “I was standing and got knocked down but then I got up again.”

You could equally ask, “When did you get up the first time?” The emphasis of the “again” is not to point to a previous “getting up” but to point out that you again returned to your original posture of standing.

The underlying Greek word simply means, “cause to stand up, raise to life, live again, come back to life, having been once dead.”

Jesus was alive and then died. In rising again he returned again to his original state of being alive — he arose again back to being alive again.

Happy Easter! He is risen!

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  1. Mary Foley

    When we are receiving Holy Communion, one has the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in us. Are we also receiving part of the Blessed Mother Mary since His physical body came from her physical body.*
    *Referring to the Eucharistic Miracles: when the host turned into actual heart muscle tissue. Part of Christ’s DNA is made up of half of her DNA.
    Please forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question.

  2. Steve Ray

    The Body of Christ was all the DNA of Mary since he had no earthly father.

  3. Larry DePaulis

    We’re drinking wine tonight and leaving tomorrow morning. We’ll call you when we get to New York tomorrow if Stacy gets us there! We love you, miss you, talk to you soon!
    Larry, Alex, Amy and Ashley

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