Great fun on Catholic Answers Live! St. John and his gospel may not sound that interesting but it was a lively and VERY interesting show.

We started off: 
1) Who wrote the gospel and what do we know about him?
2) Tell us about your books “St. John’s Gospel” and how you have gotten to “know” John?
3) What about the end of St. John’s life?

  • 16:44 – What is your opinion on the dating of the Gospel of John? 
  • 20:40 – In John 6, how do we know that it is evidence for the Real Presence in the Eucharist? 
  • 30:56 – Does the gospel of John encourage Christians to show others our faith and works or to hide them? Are we saved by works?
  • 35:40 – Some Protestants use John 6:63 to disprove the Eucharist. How can I respond, especially to the phrase “the flesh profits nothing”? 
  • 43:43 – Is there a continuity between the Passover in the gospel of John and Jewish tradition? 
  • Why doesn’t John use the word “miracle” in his gospel? And how does he prove Jesus is divine (God)?

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