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  • 04:00 – I have a non-Catholic friend who left the church because he didn’t understand how contraception was wrong but natural family planning was appropriate because both give the adults control over pregnancy. This stirred doubt in my heart, can Steve help explain this and how I can defend this to my friend? 
  • 13:59 – Why are priests important? 
  • 15:33 – What was the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice if as God he knew he would rise again on the third day? 
  • 18:53 – If Mary was free from the consequences from the fall why does Revelations Ch 12 say she experienced the pains of childbirth? 
  • 23:08 – nondenominational Christian church that my non-Catholic friend attends publish the apostle’s creed and Nicene creed on their website nearly exactly to the Catholic Prayers. If they believed in the creed, why are they practicing faith that is misled/against that? 
  • 29:15 – What is the main difference between Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox church? Why is Catholicism the true faith versus the eastern orthodox church or any for that matter? 
  • 37:45 – What in the bible or in church teachings encourage Catholics to pray to the saints? 
  • 45:50 – When a priest comes into a room do, we stand out of respect, because I noticed others not doing so but I was always taught to. 
  • 47:42 – I am a protestant considering Catholicism so, Is Purgatory real and how do we know it is? (I got his info to send him purgatory is for real) 
  • 52:30 – Pope means Vicar of the son of God then what is the holy spirit? 
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