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There are few questions I get asked more frequently than, “What about my kids? They left the Catholic Faith.” Or, “What can I do to keep my kids from getting influenced by the world and leaving?”

Well, in this episode of Catholic Answers Live our topic was “Keeping your Kids Catholic”. It was aimed at what to do with younger kids to safeguard them in the Faith and the family tradition and second, what to do about those who have left.

We started out with the experience of my wife and I raised four kids to stay true to Jesus Christ and the moral teaching of the Church. And how that has now flowed down to our 19 grandkids. We discuss our “business plan” when we got married to put Jesus Christ first and bring the kids along with us.

So, these four questions are really only the tip of the iceberg. Hope you find this discussion helpful.

  • 21:06 – My Non-Catholic husband doesn’t want to raise our kids Catholic. How do I approach this if I want to get them baptized Catholic? 
  • 29:12 – Do you have any references to check out on your discoveries in the Holy Land? 
  • 32:20 – How do you deal with extended family who are very anti-Catholic? 
  • 42:36 – How do we deal with facing secular culture, especially what’s on tv?   

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