We discussed a lot of things like why John chose that place to baptize, why was he in the wilderness, what did he eat and why. Also, what was his upbringing, did he know Jesus as a child, how was a fulfillment of Elijah and much more.

Then, we answered these questions:

Questions Covered:

      • 19:17 – Why did the death of John receive the distinction of being known as the Passion of John the Baptist?
      • 23:02 – Could the sign of the cross be traced back to John the Baptist?
      • 29:44 – Since Jesus and John were cousins, is it possible for both of them to be in the temple when they were 12 years old?
      • 35:43 – Can you tell us about John’s disciples becoming Jesus’ disciples?
      • 42:10 – Steve, you will be coming to my area and I just want you to thank you for talking about Jesus and the Eucharist.
      • 45:08 – Jesus refers to John as blessed among women. Since this line is also evidence for Mary being sinless, can we also say that John was conceived without sin?
      • 47:14 – Jesus said as high as John ranks, he still ranks as low as women. If that’s the case, where does that put me?
      • 50:18 – Would Mary have been baptized by John? Were women baptized in general?


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