These are the questions I answered along with a couple of questions I tried to answer. I always remind people that I am still a baby Catholic. I converted 14 years ago and have been learning as much as I can ever since, but WOW, what fun, there is so much to learn.

I promised to answer three questions on my blog which I am working on–check below. To listen on the RealAudio link on-line, click here. Also, click here for various other methods to listen. 

–Since Luther was a priest, was he able to consecrate the Eucharist after leaving the Church?
–Is "Resting in the Spirit" or being "slain in the Spirit" in the Bible?
–What does the Church require of my wife whose tubes were tied before conversion?
–I saw a cross with a circle in the middle. What kind of cross is that?
–Can we drink wine or is it against the Bible? Obstain vs. moderation?
–Why is Luke the only Gospel that includes the words "Do this in remembrance of Me?
–My mother is an Anglican. Can I give her a Catholic funeral?
–If a priest is in mortal can he still consecrate the Eucharist? Is it the Body and Blood of Christ?
–Why can only the priest read the Gospels at Mass?
–Is the Church the spiritual Israel?
–Where does the Bible say Mary is sinless?
–If bishops derive their authority from the Pope, who can they still be bishops when the Pope dies?

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1) The cross with a circle around the intersection of the cross beams is a CELTIC CROSS. No one knows for sure how it came to be. It is speculated that the circle represents the sun to teach and remind the pagans that Jesus is the light of the world, linking him with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun–Christianity redeeming pagan symbols for sacred use.

2) I will work on finding a reputable book or source for info on being "slain in the Spirit."

3) I will also work on the clause in Luke and 1 Corinthians "Do this in memory of Me." Check back soon.


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