Damian continues to lose more sight as the doctors scratch their heads trying to figure out what is causing the lose of sight in his left eye. We are also praying it does not spread to his right eye.

He is at peace and announced that even he goes blind it will give him more time to pray. But he is also seeking God about being a priest. Wow! What a kid!

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  1. chuck sova

    as i was driving home from 8:00 mass at st. patricks in white lake i heard T.T interviewing steve ray, whom i,ve heard dozens of times. and to hear about his grandson losing his eyesight as he contemplates the priesthood was devastating. steve was asking all the listeners to pray for the doctors treating him and to pray that he doesn’t lose his eyesight. As soon as I got home I prayed a rosary for Damian. and would like to ask all the listeners to do likewise and to pray to St. Damien of Molokai and St. Padre Pio and ask their intersession for Damian.. Steve Ray. God bless you and your family.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks so much Chuck. I am sharing this with my daughter and Damian. God bless you and all those you love. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Bill912

    I’m also praying for your grandson, Steve. I’m especially asking the intersession of St. Jude, the patron of Hope. We’re also asking his intercession for my niece, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has a 6-year-old son.

    STEVE RAY HERE: We will trade prayers. Thanks so much. May God bless your niece and her family~!

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