Planned Parenthood and Pontius Pilate

by Dr. Edward Peters

The first Station of the Cross, “Jesus is condemned to death”, recalls one of Western history’s most iconic acts of antinomianism, Pontius Pilate washing his hands of Jesus’ blood (Matthew 27: 24). Pilate’s cowardly and contemptuous abandonment of an innocent man to death stands—and will stand till the end of time—as a warning about how easily officers of the State can betray their duty to uphold fundamental justice.

Well, the specter of Pontius Pilate walks again, this time, though law enforcement offices with jurisdiction over Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. 

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The first appalling videos of Planned Parenthood personnel marketing dead baby parts to fund their lust for Lamborghinis embarrassed some abortion supporters into silence and provoked others into stammering, incoherent defenses of PP’s naked barbarity.

At present, only abortion ideologues like Obama and Clinton, people who long ago hardened their hearts against truth, still stand with Planned Parenthood. But the most recent PP videos indicate that a new low has been reached and that a line of unquestionable illegality has been crossed. We are talking now about credible audio-visual evidence that statutorily defined, common law recognized cases of murder have been committed in PP “abortion” clinics.

Yes, the ghost of Pontius Pilate hovers over Planned Parenthood. The only question is whether that ghoul will be honored by law enforcement officials who wash their hands of responsibility for the innocent being handed over to a tortuous death, or, will it be repudiated by men and women who know that fundamental laws against murder should be enforced.

That question not hypothetical.  


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  1. Michaela Dunkin

    Hi Steve and Janet,
    Thanks for getting the truth out there. This week I had a sad lesson in how our “democracy” now works here in California. In response to the videos, one of our State Assembly members requested an audit of Planned Parenthood. I was able to attend the State Legislature ‘ s joint audit committee meeting. The experience was sickening. Planned Parenthood was allowed to have several speakers, all paid employees of PP. The rest of us, average citizens who are supposedly represented by these legislators (most of whom had to wait outside in a hallway), were allowed only a moment to say whether we were for or against the audit. I can’t help but wonder why they even bothered with that, because despite overwhelming support of the 200+ citizens, the audit was voted down by the committee. It is incomprehensible to me that anyone (even PP) would object to an audit to assure public funds are properly spent peoperly, so I have to wonder why the legislators voted the way they did, and I’m pretty shocked and disappointed at the conclusion. Hope to see both of you on another pilgrimage soon!

  2. Tom Govern

    Thanks for trying Michaela!

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