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  1. Mike from NJ

    One, I would say be careful when comparing political parties between the 19th and 21st centuries. After the Southern Strategy started in the 1950s and carried through the 60s it was the Republican Party that was against civil rights laws for equality among races of people. Two, God twice calls slaves property in the Bible with non-Hebrew slaves able to be passed down as an inheritance like an ox or a pair of sandals.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I think you made a mistake there about the republican party being opposed to equality. That was the Democrats if you know your American history. It was the Democrats that brought about slavery and it was Republicans under Lincoln that set them free. It was also the Republicans that sat set the unborn free by overturning Roe v. Wade.

    In fact, taking away the national “right to abortion” has made the Democrats more angry even than when we took their slaves away.

  2. Mike from NJ

    Steve, I agree with you as to the what parties did what in the 19th century; but you didn’t address the Southern Strategy which ended up shunting many of the pro-segregationist crowd from the Democrats to the Republicans. Your image makes it seem as though the Republicans of the 19th century are nearly identical to the ones from the 20th and 21st centuries. The same with Democrats then versus now. It’s simply false, and we can demonstrate that with today’s politicians. What party is Ron DeSantis, who wants Florida to teach that the same slavery that Lincoln fought against “wasn’t so bad”? What party is Ray Garofolo, who suggested we teach the “good” of slavery, a member of? What party is Mike Braun, who recently said states should have the rights to re-enact anti-miscegenation laws, a member of?

    STEVE RAY HERE. I support your freedom of opinion on this. But I completely disagree with your characterization of the Republicans today, especially DeSantis. Republicans do not want race based programs. They want a freedom for all and equally treated which many considered to be a reverse racism. Not correct. Everything is racism for the Democrats. So, I disagree with your interpretation of the current situation.

  3. Tom+Govern

    I see a problem with the abortion issue for the coming election. The Democrats will play it up as Republicans being extremists without common sense exceptions like the mother’s life in danger. We need to convince voters that abortion is murder, just like the Nazis murdering the Jews. We need to make people see that abortion is the extreme position, especially, up to live birth.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Very perceptive and we’ll said!

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