In 2010 my son Jesse and I resolved to run 1,000 miles. We did it with about 40 miles to spare. Some of my running was done on treadmills but most of it was outside exploring new places. You can see these runs here with maps, stories, videos and pictures — which covers over 150 runs in ten countries and many states.
It felt great to finish the year having successfully completed my 2010 New Year resolution — especially since I am not too good at keeping resolutions. The support of my son, along with my wife as cheerleader, was a big help. My son also posted an internet chart which was very motivating.
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For 2011 I am renewing my goal of running another 1,000 miles for 2011. But I am adding two more resolutions: I am going to read both the Bible and the Catholic Catechism through from cover to cover (using my iPhone).
I got an early start this month because I was excited to get started and in case I miss a few days in 2011! WHY DON’T YOU JOIN ME?
There is a free app for the iPhone which is called Logos. It is a Bible software app and has a program included for reading the Bible through in a year. I am using the Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition. I am already into Exodus.
I also made a chart for the Catechism and found a copy of the Catechism on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). I will use that and my old-fashioned “book” format to get this reading done. I am now on paragraph 26.
There is a great chart to keep track of your reading. It is provided by Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network (using the Catholic Bible). You can download the chart here.
Well, what fun! I will keep you updated periodically and will also admit if I fall flat on my face with these lofty goals 🙂
Below, joined by granddaughter Bella!
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  1. Pete

    Steve, tell me all the benefits you have derived from running to motivate me for 2011!
    STEVE RAY HERE: Pete, first there is a moral sense of accomplishment having not allowed the baser desires from controlling my life; second, it is much nicer looking in the mirror; third, I love my wife’s compliments 🙂 fourth, you get to really like it and enjoy it after a while; fifth, it keeps you in touch with the real world; sixth, it is a great way to see the world and God’s creation around you; seventh, you are a good example to others around you; eighth, you have more energy and feel a whole lot better; ninth, you will be healthier with a stronger heart and good medical statistics and live better, longer; and tenth, it’s just a damn good thing to do 🙂

  2. Keith

    I use Olive Tree software (app) for the iPhone. It too is a free app but you do have to pay for certain bibles. They have the RSV with Aprochra (sp?). They also have the NAB as well.

  3. Carson Weber

    @Keith I use the Olive Tree app for the RSV also.

  4. Pete

    Those are pretty compelling reasons, Steve. I think the first step must be the hardest.

  5. Steve Ray

    I am so proud to have a dad that is willing to do this with me!! We can do again!! And I will join YOU in reading the bible too.

  6. Nani

    How do I get the NRSV Catholic version on Logos – iphone? Can’t find it. Thanks

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