How could I be happier now that I’m 56 years old and well over the hill, heading for the finish line.
I said to Janet, “Look what we got started!”
TOP: Janet and I with our eight grandkids (another one is on the way)
BOTTOM: Our whole family with two excellent boy friends too.

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  1. Kathy

    It always makes me so happy to see your family and hear you gush over them. Our oldest is only 10 so it’s hard to fathom grandchildren (especially because he thinks he has a vocation to the priesthood), but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as you. God bless you this Christmas!

  2. Jim

    Happy Birthday, Steve! May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly!

  3. Brother Ed

    Happy Birthday, Steve.
    I tell you this just so you know just how blessed you are. Some of us haven’t had the joy of seeing our children follow us in to the Catholic Faith. In fact, some of us have had to observe our children depart from the Christian Faith altogether. Such is a constant ache, which is stronger some days than others.
    You have been so blessed. I would ask your prayers for my children, that they would be brought to repentance by God’s overabundant grace and that I would live an attractive Catholic life before them.
    Brother Ed

  4. Vernon Dias

    Dear Steve,
    You are blessed to have a big family with so many grandkids -I have 2 daughters married and have 1 grandchild -Janelle -6 years old -in Canada-do pray for my family so that our Almighty god will smile on us too.
    i attended your 2-day Prog. in Mumbai in Sham. Hall on 29-30 Jan’11 -enjoyed it AND LEARNT A LOT from your talks -also feel proud to be a Catholic now -we surely have a treasure trove in our faith -very keen to know more and now with my desktop am learning a lot from the net .
    Thanks once again -best wishes to you ,Janet and your family-lots of love ,
    Vernon Dias and family

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