After commenting a bit on our dismal situation in the world, a friend wrote to me this morning saying, “Please keep doing what have been doing for many years to come!”

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I responded,

When we got married 44 years ago I told my good wife we had already lost our country, it was just a matter of time how fast we would slide down the hill. I had been a keen observer of philosophy, popular culture, the media and movies, education and the “intellectual” trends.

The trend was already set and I watched the “non-thinkables” quickly become “thinkable” and then accepted, then imposed, then expected, and then we were all required to praise and celebrate the things that even in my younger years were once “unthinkable”.

Abortion was just one of many evils that sprouted like an ugly weed due to this philosophical shift.

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Put a frog in a pan of cold water and turn on the burner. Because the heat increases slowly over time, the frog does not realize the change. He does not respond but slowly is boiled to death. So it is with our country. The changes are just gradual enough that people adapt to the increasing change and in the end….

Every time we smile with a small victory it is like climbing up a sand dune when I was a boy. It seemed like for every step I climbed up I slid back down two steps. 

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Even when Trump was elected I viewed it as a small victory, but said to Janet, “It is only a parenthesis — it will only slow down the decline for a while, it won’t stop it.”

It’s not about who’s in or not an office, it’s about the shifting trend of the philosophy and our willingness to except evil and socialism and the denigration of human life and freedom.

Without a spectacular intervention of God (which I pray for) we have already lost our country and the freedoms we have taken for granted. I hope I am proved to be wrong, but…

As for our family, we will fight the good fight and stand our ground. We will educate, castigate, and celebrate. We will live in the life of the Lord and his victory through the cross and resurrection. The truth is the Truth and cannot be forgotten, neglected or silenced.

So, we all do what we must even though I expect it is a losing battle on this battlefield. But knowing that in the end we win the war, Janet and I intend to stay faithful with our eyes set on the last day when “all who are in the tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment. (Jn 5:28-29).What Grandmas do

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And if we can save the lives of some babies, form the conscience of our own family and a few others, keep the flame burning, bring some souls to heaven with us, die in friendship with God, and even die as martyrs with the Creed on our lips, we will have done our part.

Alas, we are called to be faithful, not successful, as Mother Teresa said.


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  1. Bill912

    I agree with you, Steve, but I always try to remember the words of a great American philosopher, who said: "Never give up; it ain't over till it's over."

    STEVE RAY HERE: Touché Bill! I was of course referring to the election, but you are right, there always is the hope that God will do something spectacular. Changing hearts and minds is pretty tough job though when so many have been corrupted and seduced. But then again, I never thought I would see the Iron Curtain come down in my lifetime. But it is just in time for the new one being built with China.

  2. Alan Doksansky

    Steve: This quote may help. It is from Fa. Donald Haggery's book "Conversion: Spiritual Insights Into An Esssential Encounter with God":

    "Truth was nailed to a Cross at Calvary in Jesus Christ. And it should be equally evident that the crucifixion of truth continues throughout the course of history. Should we expect otherwise in our own time? The ignominy and shame of Golgotha do not suggest great triumphs for those who defend and live Christian truths, including moral truths. The Cross implies, rather, that we will be crushed at times in an unequal fight. What God asks us to accept is that, if we are worthy of it, Christ will be mocked and scourged within our own life, even in trying to love and save soulsThat mystery cannot take place unless we are courageous in our witness to Christian dogmatic and moral truth. We can trust that the experience of rejection is united to His mysterious presence and, perhaps, in the long run wins more souls than we can realize. Those with eyes to see will perceive this reality." Pages 92-93

    Keep up the good fight!

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