Being Physically Fit as well as Spiritually Fit – Ignore our Health and our Bodies will Catch up with us

Janet and I have always been aware and concerned about our physical fitness … healthy food, walks together or working out in our basement mini-gym, yearly physicals at the doctors and just being aware and making our health a priority. But lots of travel and busy-ness takes its toll. So during this virus shutdown we reemphasized this aspect of our lives.

A friend just wrote about he saw some good rotund Catholic guys and they made him feel better. “Steve and Janet make me feel guilty with their ‘boot camp’ lifestyle.” He said he doesn’t feel so fat and unhealthy around those good ‘ol boys.

I wrote back,

Those guys are still young and don’t realize that you have to be physically fit as well as spiritually fit. Don’t take care of your body and your soul suffers too. They will realize this after they get a bit older and have health issues like a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes II or other impending health problems caused by neglect.

Our bodies will get the attention they require one way or the other — either by the person’s choice and timing or by the body’s choice and timing. You choose to change your lifestyle habits on your schedule, or your body will shut you down and do it for you when you least expect it.
St. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9:27, “I discipline my body and keep it under control.”  Youth has its adnvantages and disadvantages; but then again, age does too.  Our lifestyle can catch up to us faster than we realize.


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  1. David A Weymouth

    So true, Steve. Unfortunately I'm currently batting .500 and need to become more disciplined regarding my physical health. Like a skier "trains" prior to ski season in order to build endurance and reduce the likelihood of injury, I want to be able to participate and enjoy more pilgrimages with you, as well as be full-contact with the grandkids once Covid is relegated to the trash heap of history. If I recall all that St. Paul went through both spiritually and physically…I'm not sure you'll be seeing a TV commercial soon touting the "ease and incredible weight-loss results" of The St. Paul Diet like Jenny Craig/Slim-Fast/ etc. Be safe!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Well said David! See you on another pilgrimage! God bless your grandkids. I am doing a show on grandparents and grandkids on EWTN’s Son Rise Morning Show at 7:35 AM Tuesday.

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