My 11-Minute Video Review and Critique of the Oberammergau Passion Play with a “Socialist Jesus”

After taking my group of 60 to view the Oberammergau Passion Play in the Bavaria region of Germany, I gave an 11-minute recorded critique at dinner.

I was very disappointed after seeing the Passion Play. Many go expecting a Catholic performance, but it is far from it. It has been Protestantized and now secularized with Jesus more a social justice warrior than a Son of the Father come to save mankind from their sin. As the director said, he had to update the 100-year-old script to fit a modern world, removing the religious and bringing the social issues to the front.

One of the more disappointing aspects was there was no appearance of the “resurrected Christ”. There was an announcement by an angel that he had been risen and Mary Magdalene does not see him but says I know my savior has risen. The director said ghe resurrection was a “mystery of faith.“ Very disappointing.

Very few viewers realize this because the play is all in German and hard to follow the book while watching the actual performance.

For my update after my second viewing in August, click here.


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