Thanks for volunteering at Steve Ray’s book table. Your help is important and the Ray family appreciates your time and assistance. Managing the money and products is a big responsibility and we are grateful.

Here is what you and the assistants will need to do:

1. Ask the Event Organizer how early you should arrive to set up. 

2. Find the display tables and place all three in a good location.

3. Since this is a local event for Steve may have shipped boxes of books in advance or he may be bringing the products with him.  

4. If the boxes of books and other items have already arrived you can begin to arrange the tables as you see fit.  See images (right) for an example.

5. Leave some space for the free brochures that Steve will bring with him.

5. Watch the 2 minute video below to learn how to swipe credit cards on Steve’s iPad (which he will bring with him).

5. Keep watch over the product tables, the money and  iPad during the entire event.

6. Help with people’s questions about the products as best you can, Steve will help too. Feel free to ask Steve any questions

  •    We do NOT need to keep an inventory of items sold at the event.
  •    The iPad is only for credit card sales, not for cash or checks.
  •     We accept cash, checks or credit card. Checks should be made out to “Steve Ray”
  •     Steve will bring a bundle of $1 and $5 bills for you to make change.
  •     If the iPad is not working for credit cards, please have buyers fill out the back of the “Order Form” to collect credit card info which we will then process back at our office.
  •     If any item sells out we can ship orders of $20 or more with no shipping charge if the order is paid on-site and the “Order Form” is filled out completely.

7. After the event, help Steve box up the remaining items and get them loaded in his car.

Thank you very much for your help.

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