Check here for all the new audio CD talks by Steve Ray. You can see and/or print an order form here.


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  2. Randy Carson

    I purchased a number of your CD’s when you were in Charlotte, and they are wonderful.
    HOWEVER, I’m wondering if you might consider making them available online for free as MP3 downloads.
    You probably know that John Martignoni has done this with many of his talks, and I know that many people refer to them.
    You could continue to sell them when you are on the road speaking at parishes, etc, cause not everyone who hears you speak will be interested in getting them online or in iPod-ready format…some folks still like CD’s.
    Forgive me for being so forward, but I don’t think you’re actually selling them to support yourself, so wouldn’t “the cause” be served even more by making them more widely available?

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