We hope you enjoy these two movies of our final day with the Legatus Holy Land pilgrimage. These are a bunch of wonderful folks and we had a very blessed and exciting time together.

The first video is our early morning to carry our crosses on the way to Calvary where we had Mass. After a bit of free time to regroup we went to the Western Wall and discussed a lot about Jewish and biblical history while watching bar Mitzvahs. The afternoon was free for people to do whatever they wanted and explore and there were a lot of options they took.

In the evening we had a great dinner and we had an induction for two new members of Legatus along with lots of farewells and thanks and applause. We hope you enjoy both videos.


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  1. Nancy

    I caught your Legatis Holy Land tour video and just wanted to tell you I enjoyed it as if I was there. A friend of mine from Michigan and I traveled with you and Janet on a Footsteps pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March/April 2016 and I think of that trip almost daily. It increased my faith and brought my bible reading and mass experience to life. I hope to go back with you in the next couple of years.
    God bless you and Janet in your travel ministry. You can’t know how important these pilgrimages are to the pilgrims who travel with you.

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