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Since this was part of the readings at Mass on Wednesday of Holy Week, I thought I would repost this blog.

I was confronted with an interesting argument against Mary’s perpetual virginity. The man argued that the Bible itself proves that Mary had other children. He claimed that Jesus expressly states in no uncertain terms that his mother had other sons. He said it must have been overlooked by the Catholic Church.

To read my whole response, click here.  Surprise spoiler alert, at the end of the article, you will discover that Mary DOES have other children!



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  1. Grace

    “….and did not know her till she had brought forth her first Son. And he called his name Jesus.” Matthew 1:25

    Note:(Joseph did not know her)

    This is not to mean that she was a stranger.

    This has been clarified to mean ‘did not have an intimate relationship with her’.

    Another reference in the bible:

    Now Adam knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain…. Genesis 4:1

    Again, note the phrase ‘knew his wife’.

    This was way past the time they he knew her (the time he was introduced to her) in the Garden of Eden, the fall of man etc.

    Mary remained a virgin till the birth of Christ. There was much emphasis on her being a virgin, so that we may know that Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit (and not of human intercourse, like the rest of us).

  2. BD Matt

    That was an interesting scholarly piece citing both Old Testament and Early Church sources on the Blessed Virgin Mary and her perpetual virginity. However, it overlooked a conundrum within scripture that impeaches the notion that Jesus had brothers and sisters. Why did Jesus seek out his beloved apostle John and entrust Mary to him? That was a family role within Jewish custom. Secondly, the piece glosses over a translation difficulty that in Jesus’ mother tongue Aramaic brother often referred to kin (like cousins). Thirdly, the piece did not grapple with the notion that this may have been a second marriage for Joseph so Jesus had step-siblings

    STEVE RAY HERE: Good points all, and correct. They did not apply specifically to the discussion at hand and I’ve dealt with them extensively elsewhere. Thanks for your contribution and your astute comments.

  3. Anthony Boulos

    Hi Steve
    I’m a BIG fan of yours and I’ve watched lots of your CDS especially your conversion story it’s Awesome and I’ve shared them with lots of my clients I’m a Barber, I own my own Barber Shop in Sydney Australia. I’ve listened to your other CDS, Born Again, Faith Alone, Pentecost The Birth of Catholic Church, Why I love the Eucharist, just to name a few. I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you. I even evangelize like you when I’m cutting hair and speaking about the Faith and defending the Catholic Faith. Any way the reason for emailing you is because this topic.
    Jesus Said His Mother Had Other Sons! Really ?
    Steve I sent this via a text to a Protestant Minister of a Anglican Church up the road from my Barber Shop and this was his response…

    Hi Anthony, fair call about the overstatement of the use of Psalms. I just think it is pretty hard to argue strongly for Mary being a virgin given she married Joseph. Married people often have sex! Cheers, Chris.

    I will pray for him that’s typical of his response coming from a Protestant, we always debate and he always puts a negative spin on it, I haven’t replied yet, I was hoping you can help me out here..

    Thank you so much Steve
    God Bless you and your family always ??????


    Good for you — outspoken for Jesus and his Church. Too bad your friend sounds so “dismissive” and disinterested. If he knew his history he would know that there was never a time until the Protest-ant devolution that anyone taugh that Mary had other children. Her perpetual virginity was always known and defended. In the few ocassions when it was questioned, champions like St. Jerome stood up and demonstrated why the Church has always taught the ever-virginity of Mary. Here is the interesting treatise written in the 400’s by St. Jerome

    Yes, married people usually have sex, but there are other times when they do not. Interestingly, in Numbers 30 we read the laws about making oaths or vows. It fits this kind of situation. If a woman makes a vow (and this is thought to apply to sexual relations as well) the vow would stand. If she vowed celibacy or if there was agreement between the parties they could abstain.

    Some things are more important than sex but our modern world does not want to hear that.

    God bless you Anthony.

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