Whatever your thoughts are about the popes new declaration about banning the Latin Mass, this article I think puts it in perspective, especially for those who believe there should be the freedom for the Latin mass within the Roman right of the church.

As I said earlier on my blog, I’m not a Latin Mass regular attender though I have celebrated many times with many different rites And found them all edifying and beautiful. I enjoy a very reverent and properly celebrated nova support of mass, and distain weak and sloppy celebrations.

This article in The Catholic Thing gives a good and popular presentation of what’s going on without all the technicalities.

“Pope Francis’ decision in his motu proprio Traditionis Custodes [TC] to revoke the permissions granted by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI is shocking for those of us who have appreciated and benefitted from the freedom to experience the spiritual richness of the Extraordinary Form [EF] of the Mass.

“The Novus Ordo Mass of Pope Paul VI is, in name and by design, precisely a new order of the Roman Mass which eliminated various elements of the previous missal and added new elements. Judgments can and should be made as to the objective value of what was left out, and what was added. That debate has gone on since the Novus Ordo was promulgated.

“It’s not surprising that those who disagree with various decisions made in reforming the Mass after the Second Vatican Council sought from the Holy See the retention of the previous liturgical forms, at least as an alternative to the reformed rites. That request sprang from a desire not to lose what has been handed down to the faithful from time immemorial.

“The post-conciliar reformers of the Mass and of the other liturgical books intentionally did away with a great number of prayers and rituals. Those who love those now discarded elements protested, and their pleas were mercifully heard by John Paul and Benedict.

Why has Pope Francis done this?

For the whole article, click HERE.

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