Whatever your thoughts are about the popes new declaration about banning the Latin Mass, this article I think puts it in perspective, especially for those who believe there should be the freedom for the Latin mass within the Roman right of the church.

As I said earlier on my blog, I’m not a Latin Mass regular attender though I have celebrated many times with many different rites And found them all edifying and beautiful. I enjoy a very reverent and properly celebrated nova support of mass, and distain weak and sloppy celebrations.

This article in The Catholic Thing gives a good and popular presentation of what’s going on without all the technicalities.

“Pope Francis’ decision in his motu proprio Traditionis Custodes [TC] to revoke the permissions granted by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI is shocking for those of us who have appreciated and benefitted from the freedom to experience the spiritual richness of the Extraordinary Form [EF] of the Mass.

“The Novus Ordo Mass of Pope Paul VI is, in name and by design, precisely a new order of the Roman Mass which eliminated various elements of the previous missal and added new elements. Judgments can and should be made as to the objective value of what was left out, and what was added. That debate has gone on since the Novus Ordo was promulgated.

“It’s not surprising that those who disagree with various decisions made in reforming the Mass after the Second Vatican Council sought from the Holy See the retention of the previous liturgical forms, at least as an alternative to the reformed rites. That request sprang from a desire not to lose what has been handed down to the faithful from time immemorial.

“The post-conciliar reformers of the Mass and of the other liturgical books intentionally did away with a great number of prayers and rituals. Those who love those now discarded elements protested, and their pleas were mercifully heard by John Paul and Benedict.

Why has Pope Francis done this?

For the whole article, click HERE.


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  1. Joel TorcOn

    I agree with Fr. Murray’s belief that this move was made with the goal of banning the Latin Mass entirely. Like yourself, I have attended a Latin Mass only on rare occasions although there is an SSPX church in town, which is drawing more and more Catholics away from the local parishes that celebrate the Novus Ordo Mass. Perhaps that is just what Pope Francis intended to accomplish. Forcing Catholics to accept only the Novus Ordo Mass is as repugnant as the those coercing people into taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

    By the way, Steve, Theresia and I watched your videos of the pilgrimage in Wisconsin and thought it was great! We are happy that the pilgrimage sold out and saw one couple who were among those in the April pilgrimage in St. Augustine that we attended. Great to hear that you will repeat the St. Augustine pilgrimage in November!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks so much Joel. I agree with you completely and thanks for your kind words about our program ages. It’s been there very difficult these last two years hoping to get things going again soon.

    Wisconsin and Saint Augustine were delightful and we’re gonna start doing those on a yearly basis. God bless you!

  2. Robin Blaszak

    We agree with Joel also. We are parishioners of a Christ the King Institute parish and have also frequented SSPX Masses. Each Mass takes our breath away! After being raised in the Norvus Ordo for 40 years and witnessing first hand the atrocities committed (after 13 moves and numerous parishes along the way) especially in the Mass itself, we had been on a search to find the the Mass of our Grandparents. The Mass were we saw burly beer drinking uncles weep like church mice on their knees before Mass started. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, who were never without their rosary and in constant prayer with our Lord esp. in Mass. All showing a reverence and love that still registers in our hearts. I think the the Wall Street Journal article says it best- “The old Mass is only performed in Latin and differs significantly in content from the modern interpretation introduced in 1970. Devotees prize its emphasis on the traditional theology of the Eucharist as a sacrifice performed by the priest, whereas the new liturgy is normally performed in local languages and emphasizes the aspect of a communal meal, with laypeople participating extensively by reading Scripture and distributing Communion.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/pope-francis-lets-bishops-ban-old-latin-mass-reversing-move-by-pope-benedict-xvi-11626444372 This is a Mass that was and still is all about Jesus not all about me. That directs the soul vertically and not horizontally. With all due respect, we do not ENJOY the Mass we revere it! We do not look for edification for ourselves but edification for our Lord and Savior! We are one with Christ and His journey from Calvary to His Resurrection! HUMILITY is Ingrained in the Latin Mass. And we tell everyone if you want a Mass where you will truly here the Holy spirit speak to you, go to the Latin Mass. It is in the GREAT Silence of this Mass that you will truly here Him speak. As Elijah, God came to him in a whisper not a noisy celebration! And we have enough noise in this world and our Church. More silence is what was and is still needed today, esp. in our liturgy! Viva Christo Rey dear brothers in Christ!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Robin, thanks for sharing. Like I have said before, poorly celebrated Novus Ordo Masses to not invalidate the Novus Ordo. I have been to many that were VERY reverent and celebrated the way it was supposed to be. A Latin Mass can be irreverant and a Novus Ordo Mass can be celebrated poorly or reverently. I think it was a huge mistake what Pope Francis did to limit the Latin Mass. That was unnecessary and damaging.

    Catholics should have the option of either or both. I don’t have any issues with the Latim Mass Orders like the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and others that function in union with Rome. But I am quite opposed to the SSPX who are in schism. Like their liturgy or not, like their reverence of not, they are not in union with the Church and cannot be promoted.


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