My parents lived long lives. Cars were just starting to roll through their small towns and many things considered normal and prideful today, were unthinkable back then.

My dad died ten years ago at 94 and my mother died on Mothers’s day this year at 100. They had been married for 73 years.

When they told me they no longer liked their country, I was a bit surprised since there were never more patriotic folks. My dad flew the American flag every day until he died and we never missed a 4th of July parade.

But they explained that it was what America was becoming that they didn’t like. They loved America as it was founded with her high ideals and morals, her freedom and free market  economy which had raised millions out of poverty to live in the most prosperous land in all of history. It was why people are still trying to come here. We don’t have to build walls to keep people IN. We have the opposite problem.

My mother said, “When we got married if anyone would have asked, ‘Would you ever consider getting an abortion?’ my question would have been, ‘What is an abortion?’ Abortion was unthinkable!” And what about the whole homosexual movement of which we were to have pride? Pride? It was always considered depraved conduct and called sodomy. How can two men getting “married” be equal to what your father and I did when we married 73 years ago to start a family?”

And it has become progressively worse in every way since parents went to their eternal reward. Even the leadership of our Church is going woke along with the universities, the media, corporations, and among ignorant Americans who have graduated from schools that have re-written history and deplored religion. I fear for my grandkids (19 living and counting). What kind of world will they live in? ”

Our whacky governor in Michigan has announced she will “fight like hell” to enshrine abortion up to the moment of birth into our state constitution. Our bishop responded, “We will fight like heaven to oppose it and promote life.” He is promoting a campaign of prayer and involvement. There are still powers for good arising to resist the rupture and stop the water from filling the ship.

But can it turn around? Once the Titanic hits the iceberg is it possible to recover and go back to safety? One must always have hope. But I am realistic and doubt it can be turned. Once great societies have begun to fall they are seldom redeemed. But we can have hope.

We all hoped the Iron Curtain would fall but what realistic person ever thought it would happen in our lifetime? But it did fall. However, I now see the same Marxist ideology being proposed and inculcated into America.

Hope, yes? But….


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  1. Carmen de Perignat

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more. Need to go to daily mass and frequent confession, prayer and fasting.

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