Huge Production of EWTN Live Healing Mass; Background of How it was Done; I was a Commentator

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Last month I was in very hot Phoenix Arizona with Bishop Olmstead, the Order of Malta and hundreds of people who celebrated a live TV feed through EWTN’s satellites that go around the world. I was one of two live commentators, like sports announcers, during the whole event.

People watch something like this on TV and never know what goes on behind the scenes. Here is an 11-minute fast-paced documentary about how it is done. Quite exciting actually!

Skyline Productions, owned by my friend Joe Reynolds, is the power and brains behind the project. They laid two miles of cables to make it work. Joe and Tray are my videographers and producers for our Footprints of God documentaries filmed in over a dozen countries (including Iraq, Syria, Israel, Italy, Turkey, France and more).  These guys are the absolute best to work with. Great friends and video collaboraters!

Enjoy the video!


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  1. David Weymouth

    Thanks Steve for sharing this….quite the professional production and interesting to see how the sausage is made!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks!

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