Since we will soon be in Jordan and Israel again riding camels, I thought I would post some fun and interesting facts – and a movie of the camel trying to bite me.

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My new commentary on Genesis will be published next year by Ignatius Press.  In chapter 24 Abraham sends his unnamed servant to find a bride for his son Isaac.

The servant prays to God and asks, “Whichever girl at the well offers me a drink, and offers to water my camels as well, let her be the one you’ve chosen for Isaac.”

Come on! Get real! What girl is going to draw water by hand for a group of men and TEN CAMELS? Do you know how much a camel can drink?  Try and guess!

Camels can drink _______ gallons in 10 minutes
Camels can drink _______ gallons in one session
Camels can drink _______ gallons in a day
Rebekah drew __________ gallons for 10 thirsty camels

No wonder the servant thought Rebekah was a good wife for Isaac. Good grief, this girl must have been amazing.

The answers are in the Comments below.

Camel biting me when I tried to get him to water….


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  1. Gail Buckley

    I give up, Steve, how many gallons can a camel drink in 10 minutes or in a day and how much would Rebekah had to have drawn for 10 thirsty camels? This is fascinating info that I never thought about. I’m anxious to know the answers!

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  2. Steve Ray

    Only look here if you give up:

    20-25 gallons in ten minutes
    Up to 40 gallons in one session
    Up to 50 gallons in one day
    Rebekah many have drawn as much as 400 gallons of water, if the camels had not had any water for a while!

  3. Duane

    Wow. Where can I find a woman like that? LOL.

  4. Jean

    Wow! How can I BE a woman like that?

  5. joshen

    Wow.. thats about 100 ~ 145 litres of water per camel… and 10 camels means over a thousand litres.. and chemistry teaches us 1litre = 1kg..

    Rebekah just moved more than a tonne of water! And the word “well” is translated in some Bibles to be a spring. and she had to run down to the spring and collect water in a jar. So she ran back and forth back and forth with no one helping her… (the servant was quietly watching her from the side..) and she did all that, and made it in time to cook dinner? Wow.. The servant really asked God to make sure that Rebekah was the appointed one for Issac…

    My brother and i shared a joke saying how she might have been one of those olympic muscle women but then quickly threw it out… too gross and the Bible says she was beautiful..

    Praise God..

  6. Burt

    The servant at the well then prays….I hope she’s good looking?…you know? God?? Can she be ??…a ??Babe???.. 🙂

  7. Burt

    The servant at the well then prays….I hope she’s good looking?…you know? God?? Can she be ??…a ??Babe???.. 🙂

  8. De Maria

    She was probably a smart babe. My car guzzles up a lot of gas. I don’t always fill it up.

  9. De Maria

    My mom used to say, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

  10. Carrie

    I just read in the book of Jasher 24:40 today that Rebekah was 10 years old when this took place. That brings a whole new perspective, huh.

  11. JanRenae

    WOW!!!!!! I was just reading this account, and got to thinking. Just how much water did she draw from that well? This page answered my question. Wow, steadfast and faithful indeed! Very glad we named our Daughter after this wonderful OT saint and prophet! Rebekah is Steadfast and Faithful!

  12. Bobby

    You gotta water the camels before you get the blessing, too many Christians want the blessing to heck with the camels.

  13. Ravi

    It was wonder but I just want to know that how much deeper that well would be.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nimal Perera

    I am curious to ask. What exactly is Catholic Faith? I have been a Catholic but now I believe stickly only what the Word of God says. Is there anyhing else for Catholics to believe outside the Bible? What exactly is Catholic faith?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for writing. The Catholic Faith is all the truth that is provided by God through His Church, the Bible and the Sacred Tradition. Remember that the Bible was not even all written in the 1st century so they could not depend on the Bible (word of God) alone. It then took another 300 years before the books of the Bible were compiled into what we call today the New Testament. Then for the next 1000 years no one could afford to buy their own Bibles.

    How did the Christians know how to be saved and know all the truth? It was taught to them by the Catholic Church. The Bible itself says that the Church is the pillar and foundation of the truth, not the Bible.

    So, one should be faithful to the Catholic Church which is the Church Jesus founded 2,000 years ago with the intent that we would know the fullness of the Truth, the fullness of the Catholic Faith.

    Remember that the Church did not come from the Bible, rather, the Bible came from the bishops and councils of the Catholic Church.

  15. Elizabeth Ferrara

    The bible alone is the Word of God and Jesus the only Mediator between God and man. The Church is the bride of Christ and comprised of many nations who trust Jesus as Savior. Read your bible and ask God for His wisdom

    STEVE RAY HERE: Elizabeth:

    So we should follow Martin Luther’s advice and everybody read the Bible and interpret it for ourselves. Wow! What a radical idea.

    And what has happened after 500 years of this philosophy? We have over 40,000 different denominations, cults and heresies all reading their Bibles for themselves and coming up with all kinds of different theologies and ideas and bringing more confusion than the world can comprehend.

    I think I’ll stay with the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church that Jesus started 2000 years ago and is still here today and over 1 billion strong still teaching the truth and unified. Thanks for the advice, but no thanks.

  16. John Gray

    Christians absolutely need to be a part of the one holy, universal/catholic church. It is most unfortunate that since the Great Schism, more and more divisions have arisen amomg us. But we remember that He has always been building a kingdom of priests (see Exodus and Peter.) From Adam and Seth, through Noah and Abraham, through the faithful of the house of Isreal and the foreigners who were grafted in, through the early church, through various reforms, there has only ever been one People of God, one Body of Christ, one group of “true Jews,” one sacred assembly. Despite problems in local congregations and disunity among the Body of Christ, we who are in Christ still have one Head and we are all members one of another. Though the kingdom of God has been advancing, we are not without divisions and problems. Christ will continue to build and unify His church. He is able to reunite that which is scattered. We look forward to that day.
    In response to the above insights, no Scripture is a matter of one’s own private interpretation. The Holy Spirit illuminates the Scripture so that individuals can understand it, but according to the Scripture, all Christians belong to the church and are subject to the authority of their leaders. That implies membership and attendance and discipleship. Yet, the leaders of the church have always been subject to the written Word of God and to the living Word of God. God’s grace comes to us through the Word, the Spirit, and the church. All three are necessary. No single branch or group of Christians claim superiority over another because of their status or standing under Christ. No individual can claim authority to interpret Scripture perfectly, as all individuals are under original sin until the curse is gone.
    So we heavily rely on the teaching of those who cam before us and on the supernatural illumination of the Holy Spirit to understand and interpret what we are reading. Thus, there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one church. (We are not baptised into the church, we are baptised into Christ.) All who enter through the gospel of Jesus must join the chuch of Jesus and sit under the teaching and authirity of the written Word of God and its servants, shepherds and overseers appointed to teach, rebuke, correct, and hold the keys of the kingdom.
    Thank you all for your comments, above! Enjoyable discussion!
    John Gray

  17. Richard Pinion

    It depends, how many straws does the camel have on its back!

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