These daily videos of our pilgrimages are for everyone, but primarily they are for our pilgrims and their family and friends back home.

Many people are afraid to come to Israel, but after family and friends see their travelers on the first day or their fears and worries evaporate. It also helps him enjoy and relate to all that their family and friends are doing.


It is always great and very satisfying to have all the pilgrims step off the plane and board our beautiful, brand-new Mercedes bus. No lost luggage, no problems and clear blue skies.

We took off north to our favorite Ron Beach Hotel on the Sea of Galilee. Delicious spread for dinner and a nighttime Mass on the shore of Galilee looking out over the area where Jesus ministered for three years.

Good night we’ll see you in the morning!


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  1. Tom+Govern

    My best wishes to all the pilgrims on this trip. A special hello to Father Peek who I spent some time with at St. Augustine.

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