Very uplifting and exciting short video of all the enthusiasm for Trump across the country. Worth watching and sharing.

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  1. Bill912

    Thanks for the pick-me-up, Steve. My head is telling me that we will win, but my stomach has been balky. Yesterday, I was praying some extra decades of the Rosary. During the Fifth Joyful Mystery (The Finding of Jesus in the Temple), two thoughts popped into my head: 1) Mary and Joseph were worried, too, but their journey ended in joy; 2) Our Lord is still "about My Father's business".

    Today, my stomach is still balky (the devil tries to tempt us to despair), but my head is hanging in tough.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks as always for your great comments on my blog Bill. I too am worried at times but he HAS to win. I see the enthusiasm and cannot believe he won’t. NEVER before has anything like this happened with the country erupting with patriotism, not because of politics, but because they love this man who has sacrificed so much for us, for the unborn, for freedom, for Christian liberty and to make America great again and not a socialist, communist hellhole. God bless you and God bless Trump!!

  2. JoAnne McCormack

    I too see the enthusiasm but my fear is how much are we going to allow the Dems to cheat. I believe that is the only way they can win. We are praying that the Lord will continue to have our Presidents back. He has taken so much abuse for all of us. I am also afraid that whoever wins, we might end up seeing another Revolution in our country. I am hanging on to Jesus with all my might. Thanks for this Steve. God bless you.
    JoAnne (the used to be travel agent) LOL
    Can’t wait to go back to Israel with you and Janet. Was awesome!

  3. Thomas M Govern

    I did not think that he would win the last time but it happened. Let’s pray that God will give him another four years, the alternative is so bad. Still, there are two things that could have cemented a win despite the Corona stuff. First, the Republicans have had four years to come up with an alternative health care solution. They have not. It is the reason that they lost the House the last election and the Dems are still playing it. Second, President Trump needs to help himself with being more Presidential. Let us pray for the best to come.

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