All across our country thousands of Catholics and other Christians are gathering to re-kindle strength to defend our God given right to religious freedom. Make no mistake–we are in the midst of a war. The sounds of battle may be muffled by the noises of daily life, but we need to stop and pay attention.

To join with other faithfilled people at the events in your area visit drag a friend or neighbor along with you. Don’t let apathy win during this Fortnight.

Audio from the Rally in Oklahoma City on Saturday afternoon is available here.

The group in Orlando was incredible, fired up and ready to “do something.” I explained how our freedoms are a fragile bubble In the history of humanity. I discussed Islam, communism, atheism, Obama (not hesitating to call him out by name to a standing ovation).

We discussed the early Christians living and dying as martyrs in the first centuries and how they are a model for us today.

I was exhilarated to be with these great folks!