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Apparently, conversations matter. Former atheist blogger Leah Libresco can tell you. She recently converted to Catholicism, and her story is making waves.
One of the main reasons for Libresco’s conversion? The deep connection between the existence of God and the possibility for moral action.
As Libresco points out: “I’m really sure that morality is objective, human-independent, something we uncover like archeologists, not something we build like architects… And Christianity offered an explanation which I came to find compelling.”
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  1. Chris Pinson
    “I’m bisexual. Other queer people’s experience of their orientation varies, but, as far as I’m concerned, I’m bisexual because gender feels about as salient to me as hair color when it comes to looking for dates. That means I’m already out of step with the Catholic Church before you even get up to gay marriage or any issue like that, because the Church thinks gender is much more central to someone’s identity than I do.”
    Uh, yeah, congratulations on your “convert.”

  2. Annonymous

    Hi Chris,
    Catholic Church is all about love forgiveness and acceptance. It does not abandon you because you are bisexual. It is we who think we are out of the Church. But the corner stone of our Church is Jesus who while dying on the cross prayed for our forgiveness. In Christ Jesus no one is abandoned from his house.

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