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The 10th documentary in our “Footprints of God: the Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine” series will not be produced. It was projected to be on the Doctors of the Church.

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We currently have the first nine done, which is a full continuity from creation and Abraham through the Apostolic Fathers.

The decision was made in collaboration between Janet and I and Ignatius Press, our financial backer and executive producer. The cost of producing the final video would have been at least $300,000 and there’s no way we could recoup those costs since DVDs are being phased out — everything is now live streaming.

These movies were all filmed on location from Iraq to Jordan, Israel to Syria and all over Europe. Each one is 90-minutes divided into four chapters. Each one has a comprehensive Study Guide.

Abraham: Father of Faith and Works
Moses: Signs, Sacraments and Salvation
David & Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom
Elijah & Elisha: Conscience of the Kingdom
Mary: Mother of God
Jesus: Word Became Flesh
Peter: Keeper of the Keys
Paul: Contending for the Faith
Apostolic Fathers: Passing on the Faith