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What is it like to be among 35,000+ enthusiastic Catholics from every conceivable language, skin color, national culture and income level — all gathered to worship Jesus Christ and revel in the beauty of the Universal Catholic Church?

You realize you are not alone. You are part of a huge family, an army, a spiritual kingdom! It is invigorating and inspiring.

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My good friend Liz Lev (our guide for our Rome pilgrimages) gave a excellent talk on art and how it affects us in the church and how we need to reclaim our history. I followed her with my talk on the Shroud of Turin and evidence which is beyond reputation for the truth of Catholicism.

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It was a busy day with talking with lots of people and four radio interviews and a great time together.

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  1. Thomas M Govern

    Every Mass that I have been to in Atlanta has been packed! So great to see the Church appealing to so many in such a diverse city!

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