England’s “Telegraph”: Obama Gets an F for Protecting Americans

Interesting article at http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyharnden/100020934/barack-obama-gets-an-f-for-protecting-americans/

This president is WAY over his head — and we still have three years to go. Lord, have mercy!


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  1. Brother Ed

    Well, if Barrack Obama gets an “F” for failing to protect us (which he does deserve, along with the people who are running our “security”), then George Bush gets one also. President Bush knew of the dangers and threats from Osama Bin Laden months before the attack and curiously chose to do nothing regarding them (other than to make some nicey nice sounding speeches).

    The fact of the matter is that we are inundated with politicos who have no interest in mind other than what their union thug and corporate bosses tell them to have — it’s either shape up or ship out, and they are so busy throwing mud across the aisles at each other that the terrorists must be laughing up their sleeves at how easy we are making their goals for them as we argue ourselves into destruction as a nation.

    You can blame the immoral left for dragging us down into a moral sewer the likes of which decadent Rome in its worst days would feel right at home. Sodomite rights and harassing Christians are very high on their “to do” list, with any idea of moral behavior as repugnant to even discuss, much less implement.

    You can equally blame the wing-nut right who feverishly slave to please their corporate masters who have all but ruined our economy, starting with George Bush’s immoral and illegal trillion dollar boondoggle called the Iraq War. Remember, even our bishops declared this war out of the range of any idea of meeting the requirements of a “just war”. Our Holy Father Pope John II pleaded with America not to get it started. The pleas fell on deaf ears.

    So here we are, in the words of a pop song of 20 years ago — “clowns to the left of me, jokers on the right” Anyone who doesn’t realize that we are in deep kimchee as a nation is asleep at the switch.

    And after murdering in cold blood some 50 million innocent babies in the name of “women’s rights” I begin to think this is just the beginning of something we are going to with all our heart regret seeing.

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