Critique of Nancy Pelosi’s theological views Great Article and Review!
Elizabeth Lev examines the reasoning advanced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her recent <i>Newsweek</I> interview. The title tells the story: “Nancy Pelosi, Catholic Without a Clue.”
I am proud to say Liz is a good friend of mine and our local guide when we take groups to Rome. We will be with her the whole month of May 2010!

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  1. Paul Primavera

    I ask again: why won’t the Bishops publicly disallow pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage “Catholic” politicians from receiving Holy Communion? Why can’t they follow the example that St. Paul set for Hymenaeus and Alexander in 1st Timothy 1:19-20?
    Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Patrick Kennedy and all the rest of the so-called Catholic politicians are nothing but apostates. These people are murderers of unborn babies and extollers of sodomy. They openly support the immoral, the impure, and the idolatrous. A public example has to be set, and let it start by wiping that smirk off the face of the Great Whore of Babylon who prides herself on being Speaker of the House.
    And that’s exactly how I feel about the matter.

  2. Brother Ed

    Here’s the real problem: Catholics think that their first and foremost obligation in life is to the STATE. They need to be trained to understand that it is most assuredly NOT!! The Enlightenment and the thinking associated with it led men to think that earthly kings somehow do not have to obey either the King of Kings, His Law, or the rule which He has established over mankind through the Church.
    Protestantism may lament all they want to the immorality, degeneracy, and general evil of men (and women) in positions of authority, but the ability of these people to rule without oversight and repercussions can be traced directly back to Luther and Calvin’s rebellion against legitimate authority. Once they let that genie out of the bottle, the world would never be the same again.
    There needs to be a succinct and clear paper written for Catholics which definitively shows why this idea of “separation of Church and state” is hogwash and how the Church is the sole authority over men in this life. Atheists and pagans will not accept this, of course, but they are not who will be the recipients of this information. The ideal would be to so prick the consciences of Catholics and thus wake them up to their responsibility to live Catholic first.
    Voters in this country should KNOW that when they vote fora Catholic politician, they will get someone who will vote Catholic first and get his marching orders, in terms of moral law, from the Vatican and the Catholic Catechism.
    I am beyond sick and tired of “Catholic” politicians who should have been tossed on their ear out of the Church years ago.

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