I am not suggesting that my response is appropriate for everyone, it all depends a bit on individual situations, but in this particular situation, I am sharing how I responded.

A woman who will remain unnamed wrote and asked me what to do. Here is her situation:

I work as a financial auditor. One of my team members, a biological male for whom I’m the manager, is identifying as a transgender woman and will soon start with hormonal treatments and transitioning. As his manager, I am looped into this and asked to support him. Nothing much is required of me but I need to say to him that I support him. Anything else would be a bad reputation and maybe a potential loss of my job. What do you think I should do?

My response:

       This is a very touchy issue and it’s going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of Christians in the years to come. I suggest that you find a good priest and discuss this with him on a one to one basis.
       But from my own perspective I could never accept transgenderism. LGBT is contrary to nature and nature‘s God.
       However, at the same time, people have free will and we are not in a position to tell people what to do, especially those who are not Catholic or in our family. God did not put you in charge of this person’s moral or family life, but only in charge of their function as an employee.
       We have a similar situation and we are looking at it as a long-term evangelization project. A friendship has formed although the person knows we are opposed to their lifestyle and consider it wrong, but that we also respect the person as made in the image of God.
       There may be a way you can deal with this without committing yourself one way or the other since the his decision is not your decision. You can say some thing about not discriminating against anyone who works under you and that you will never discriminate against anyone, but you will treat this person with respect and recognize the dignity that all employees possess as human beings.
       You can and will affirm and recognize the merits of the the person’s work as an employee of the firm. Any personal choices that any employee makes are their own responsibility and not your’s to approve or disapprove, support or not support. It is your job to treat them fairly and without discrimination. Maybe in this manner, you can avoid saying that you approve or disapprove but still let them know that — because they have their own free choice you will treat them equally with everyone else.
       On the other hand, many people are losing their jobs and will lose their careers and livelihoods because of the LGBT and abortion issues. There’s a thing called “white martyrdom“ for people who suffer but don’t lose their lives because of the truth. This is a specially hitting doctors and nurses and pharmacists. “Red martyrdom“ is when people shed their blood because they stand up for the truth.
      May God give you wisdom and grace and help you know what to do. We will pray for you over the next couple of weeks.

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