Thank you for purchasing the audio downloads of Steve Ray’s two talks at the 3rd Annual Divine Mercy Conference.

Steve Ray’s Conversion Story

Defending the Eucharist

If You would like to distribute a large quantity of these talks please contact Jesse Ray at to get inexpensive bulk licensing.

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  1. Fr. Joe Villalon

    Dear Mr. Ray,
    It was indeed a great pleasure hearing you speak here in Weslaco, Texas at the Divine Mercy Conference. You help so many cradle Catholics help see what we take for granted, especially the Eucharist. In a personal note both talks got me fired up again to embrace my priesthood and continue love all people of God. I personally believe that we are called to love everyone and not be afraid to share the good news with patience, respect, and dignity. I thank God that you were a Baptist first, because you bring in the Catholic church some marvelous traditions and love of Jesus. Living in the raft does have many blessings as well. Be assured of my prayers for you and your family.
    Sincerely yours in Christ, and Mary
    Fr. Joe Villalon,
    Diocese of Brownsville

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