Our hotel is so close to the Annunciation Church, where the angel Gabriel gave the announcement to Mary, that we walked to Mass this morning to celebrated the liturgy. A group of the young created an impromptu choir ad sang beautifully at Mass.

We boarded the bus and headed to Haifa where we visited Elijah‘s Cave on the top of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

A set of cable cars took us down the mountain and provided an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. After splashing in the water for a bit we put our shoes back on an went to lunch.  From there, we headed towards our Bethlemen hotel, stopping at the Elah Valley, where David found the smooth stones and killed Goliath. The students and some of the faculty ran up the side of hill where the Israelites encamped during battle with the philistines.

A fun day was had by all! We arrived at our St. Joseph Hotel in Bethlehem, had dinner and settled in for the coming days of adventure in Jerusalem.