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Pictures then and now. Today Janet and I celebrate 35 years of marriage. She is more beautiful now than ever. It was the best thing I ever did. http://www.catholic-convert.com/2011/12/04/married-35-years-today-best-thing-i-ever-did-then-and-now/ Steve will be the guest on EWTN's "The Journey Home" with Marcus Grodi on Monday, October 3. I uploaded a screen shot from my iPhone to remind me :-) Is it hot outside?
Grandma Janet Ray with grandkids and the new iPad View my run along the shore of Galilee in the morning at http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=972856 Catholic Scripture Study's new bible is sold out everywhere else, but we still have a handful. Take advantage of the Free U.S. Priority shipping, too, at www.steveraysstore.com Thought some might like to see the wonderful group of folks who joined us in Turkey, Greece and Italy for our St. Paul Pilgrimage & Cruise. We are standing in front of the Celsius Library in Ephesus. We have another one of these cruises planned for March 2012. Visit www.FootprintsOfGod.com.
Our new add in Faith & Family Magazine! For more info on our pilgrimages and adventures visit www.SteveGoes.com Let's make it a landslide! Make sure to vote "Nobama" on Tuesday! Fight back for morals, Life, fiscal responsibility, sanity and conservative values. We're embarking to follow the footprints of St. Paul, but not only St. Paul! We  also visit the Island of Patmos where 
St. John wrote Revelation, and Ephesus where Mary and John lived, and Istanbul 
where councils of the Church convened, and Rome where the Martyrs died. It
 is not too late to join us. We have only a few cabins left. I am 
looking forward to teaching all along the way and having daily Mass at 
incredible sites with marvelous priests. For
 more info, contact Corporate Travel at 800-727-1999 and ask for 
Jeanine. Hope to see you on board!  
Photos 1 - 11 out of 11 | Back to Albums

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