Steve Ray’s Pictures

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My official portrait Speaking to one of my groups in Israel Our eight grandkids taken July 2009 Our Pilgrimage Logo
Falling in the mud for the Mary, Mother of God DVD In our studio filming Defenders of the Faith Recording a video segment with Fr. Mark from EWTN Steve teaching in Israel
One of our groups in Capernaum in Galilee. Joining the Catholic Church in 1994 Janet and I working on videos overlooking the Sea of Galilee My daughter Cindy
My mom and dad, celebrating 70 year anniversary in Sept. 2009 Self explanatory Meeting Cardinal Ratzinger Israel trio: Steve Ray, Amer Shehadeh (my local guide), Issam Malouf (my driver).
My beautiful bride in Rome My book for sale in Vatican bookstore! Janet telling her conversion story
Photos 1 - 20 out of 21 | Back to Albums
Description: Pictures of our family and travels
Location: Everywhere

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