I just received this e-mail from Catholic Vote. I want to share with as many people as I can especially in swing states. Please share it with your friends and family.

Dear Steve,

Did you see the new CNN poll?

It shows Biden leading Trump by just four points — a drop of ten points over the last month…

And in the 15 battleground states? Biden leads by just one point, 49% to 48%.

As predicted, the presidential race is tightening — now a virtual toss up.

Help us mobilize Catholics in the swing states now!

As you already know, the outcome in November will be decided by a handful of swing states — including several states where 25% or more of the electorate is Catholic!

That’s why Catholic issues are at the forefront right now.

And the other side gets it, too.

Politico just reported: “Vote Common Good will launch a new partnership with the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump GOP group founded by veteran Republican strategists, to mobilize faith voters to reject Trump on Election Day. The initiative will focus on courting white evangelicals and white Catholics — two demographics Trump won by significant margins in 2016.”

And then there’s this —

NETWORK, a hard left wing group of Catholic nuns has launched a new campaign arguing that “Catholics cannot be true to their faith and support Donald Trump.” NETWORK Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell will also speak at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

TRUTH: these groups know that in order to capture the White House they must first fool religious voters in the Midwest — Catholics in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

That’s why your CV team is working around the clock to organize and mobilize Catholics in these crucial battleground states. We’re educating Catholics about the threats to religious freedom and to Catholic schools, and the increasing violence against our churches, statues and people.

But most importantly, we are making sure every Catholic understands where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stand on the issue of life — the “preeminent” issue according to our bishops — and why every Catholic must vote to protect the unborn — and stop Biden/Harris and their support for taxpayer funding of abortion including late-term abortions until the moment of birth.

Become part of this historic Catholic voter outreach plan!

We now have over 1,000 captains and volunteers in the top 5 battlegrounds states.

Our teams are calling, texting and meeting as many Catholic voters as possible.

And this week we have new ads reaching over 1 million Catholics across each of these key states.

…but this is only the beginning. This is the moment we’ve been planning for.

Can you chip in $10 or more now?


P.S. You can read this message on our website as well:

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  1. Bob

    It is astonishing how many Catholics vote pro-abortion.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Not only astonishing but despicable.

  2. Thomas M Govern

    This election is so important. Many have a problem with Trumps approach and deportment. I cringe some times but get over it quickly when I look at what has been accomplished, despite constant harassment, and especially what the alternatives offer. The buy in to be a Democrat today is to fully support abortion up to birth and condone same sex marriage and acts. So sad to see a once good party slip so much.

  3. Bill912

    A lot of congressmen, senators, and members of the press wanted President Lincoln to fire General Grant. It seems they didn’t like some of his personal habits. Lincoln said four words: “I can’t; he fights.” President Trump fights.

  4. Donald Link

    Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist in Dallas, said in an interview that “We are not electing a saint” and went on to say that it is Trump’s policies that he supports not his personal actions. He is quite correct. Biden’s campaign (he doesn’t talk himself for fear of making one of his well known gaffs) says all the right things to please the religious simpletons although his record and previous statements belie all the platitudes. He further demonstrated that he has a tin ear on religious matters when he chose well known anti-Catholic bigot Kamala Harris, whose personal life history reads more like a dumpster fire, to be his running mate. Even if one is not Catholic, this should be very disturbing.

  5. Bill912

    The Washington (com)Post just published an OP-Ed which stated that, if Biden does not win in a landslide, the violence we have seen so far this year will seem like nothing. The Left is now threatening this country like Mafia leg-breakers.

  6. Christopher Naughton

    President Trump is conveniently "pro-life" because it suits his agenda. Remember this: Trump always has and always will put himself first. He has no moral compass. He is using we Christians as fodder. As long as it serves his purpose, he will cater to anyone. This was a man who was pro-abortion and voted Democrat when it suited his needs. And Bill912? It is Trump who threatens violence at every turn and stokes fear and division. Now he's talking about a third term… you good with that? Time to WAKE UP.

    STEVE RAY HERE: No Juan has flip-flopped on political and moral issues more than Obama and Biden. My goodness what a double standard you have! People can change and Trump has changed his position on pro life. He explained that but maybe you missed it on CNN. I’ve allowed your post to show people Sad state of affairs in our country and what we’re up against.

  7. Bill912

    Christopher Naughton: Why don’t you deal with what I posted about the Washington Post’s op-ed?

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