I have been using the Teaching Company and their Great Courses for several years now. Most of them are very good. But when it comes to the Christian Faith and the Catholic Church I dare you to find one that is truly Christian or Catholic.
Now they have a competitor: Catholic Courses. Joseph Pearce is a friend of mine and he is behind this effort. I hope good Catholic jump on board and support this orthodox endevour.
Click on the image to see their website and get your first course free.

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  1. Tom Govern

    The Teaching Company does have some good stuff but also some things that are questionalble. Courses like “The Catholic Church: A History” are good. William Cook is a Catholic and Christian. However, there are several course by Bart Ehrman who is the “Religious Studies” chair at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The problem is that Bart is an agnostic! That might be good for historian but brings a big bias to Christian Studies.

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